The art of human connection.

I shot these images in January and February of this year well before the Corona virus pandemic made its way to our minds. I had big plans for this series. A huge wall collage of images plastered together with sweet love notes from the participants to their partners. Fancy wine and cheese at an opening reception. Friends and family and strangers coming together to view my work and be around others. Now, that day might not come. I have had gallery shows in the past, but this one I was so excited about. It's work I am SO proud of. Despite what happens in the world, art must continue to be made and shown. It might not be how I imagined, but it is work that I am in love with and that I get to share with you all now.

It doesn't matter who you love, only that you do love.

We all desire closeness and connection. Most of us need physical touch. That connection bonds us to each other and that is something I wanted to explore in this series of portraits. Most social interactions consist of at least some type of touch, whether it’s a handshake, hug, or kiss on the cheek. We use touch in our intimate relationships to build trust, show love, to make things real to us. We use touch for comfort, reassurance, joy, and so many other emotions. While working on these images and working with each couple, I wanted to give as little direction as possible when posing. I wanted them to show love to each other in a way that was special for them. During these sessions I quickly realized that we tend to show physical connection and love in the same ways. There was lots of kisses, gentle touches, tight hugs. All those things that we crave. I hope that these images give you some joy this week while we are spending time in isolation. I hope that you hold your loved ones a little closer today.